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About the team

Colette Cabaniss is currently pursuing an MBA in Contemporary Art (IESA Paris). After graduating from the University of San Francisco with a B.A. in Art History/Arts Management, she worked in galleries and at the interior design firm Ken Fulk Inc. She gained further experience in exhibition planning and event management while working at Saint Joseph's Art Society, an art organisation in the heart of San Francisco.


Pranitha Joseph is a student of contemporary art (IESA). She worked in engineering and publishing before turning to the art world. She co-founded an association, Evigart. This association aims to support and promote artistic creation in Kerala by organising events and workshops. The focus of Evigart is on mosaic art. It is interested in art media, galleries, and the promotion of Indian artists.


Yifang Lin is a student of contemporary art. After graduating from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in painting, she worked at the public museum OCT Boxes Art and gained experience planning and conducting exhibitions. Her research focuses on the contemporary art market in China.


Jeanne Mathas is a 20th-century art and contemporary art lecturer (Institut Catholique de Paris). After a bachelor's degree, a master's degree in museology and a master's degree in art history applied to collections (École du Louvre), she is now a guide and independent researcher while pursuing her MBA in contemporary art (IESA PARIS). Her research focuses on ecofeminist art in the United States from the 1960s to today, critically examining the essentialisation of the movement and questioning the queer dimension of these artistic practices.

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