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Our Partners

This project won't be possible without our two wonderful partners: IESA arts&culture and L'ahah.



L’ahah is committed to working alongside schools and universities in research and training. This year, it is partnering with IESA Arts&Culture on an ambitious artistic and educational project: Homeshaping/Homeshaking: Modern odysseys, a group exhibition conceived and organised by Colette Cabaniss, Pranitha Joseph, Yifang Lin and Jeanne Mathas, all of whom are graduates of the "MBA in Contemporary art: sales, display and collecting".




IESA arts&culture

Centrally located in Paris, IESA arts&culture is a private institution of higher education specialised in the management of the arts (Art markets; Art curation; Performing arts; Cultural mediation; Cultural heritage) and production (Performing arts / Contemporary music). IESA arts&culture hosts about 700 students, 100 of whom attend the courses of IESA International, the department that delivers courses and degrees in the English language (Bachelor, MBAs, MA). IESA’s thriving neighbourhood is known for its cafés, artists’ studios, small shops, artisans, and street art.




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